Website Development Work

For people who love their business

I really enjoy building websites.

It’s the collaboration that appeals to me.

If you’re the type of business owner who wants a web developer to work with closely, we’ve already started on the right footing. And if you’re reading this because you want to take your marketing beyond a simple website, you should keep reading.

Allow me to express, I don’t want to do your marketing for you. I want to work with you, and get to know you, so your website’s success is a common goal we both feel excited about.

Twelve years of building websites brought me to know that I only work well with a client who is passionate about turning their website into their most rewarding asset. To get there, we must understand one another, like each other, and work closely together.

It should be fun.

I love seeing a workable plan develop from a first meeting’s hand-written notes, into a strategy for marketing, a system for workflow, a way to manage customers, and a structure for a website.

Automating workflows and channeling communications excite me. Seriously; to make software take control of business processes, and have it happen like clock work, is exhilarating. And to get there requires true creativity.

On creativity: it is not actually the same as artistic ability. Though I love my oil painting hobby, I’d rather leave the art work to those who specialise in graphic design. I like sharing ideas, and manage the design work so things stay on track and get done on time. And luckily I work with a few talented individuals who can tolerate my critical eye.

Comes time for copy writing, you can be certain I’ll have you involved. If you have a marketing department, put us in touch. I’ll need all your marketing material: brochures, descriptions, and social media profiles; anything you can share. And you’ll probably have to do some writing yourself. I won’t expect the work of Hemingway, but you will have to jot down, in detail, in any way you want, as much information as you can. And if you feel resistant, don’t worry, I’ll talk you through it.

Analyzing marketing statistics, and then finding ways to adjust our strategy is great fun and the thinking that goes with it is truly empowering.

Hopefully your ambitions reach beyond a website so we can implement a YouTube channel, an online shop, or something new. As long as we stick to the plan, and stay on track with why we’re doing this in the first place, we can build and grow as far as our creativity takes us; be that through our own skill set, or with the help of the trusted talent around us.

On completion, your website should be built in such a way, that your marketing is simple, the results are measurable, and it brings us both joy.

I’m not looking for a client; I’m looking for a friend.

There are enough websites generated from impersonal, transactional relationships. Like online orphans they had little interest from the developer, and almost no involvement from the owner. You can feel it when you read it. Those poor websites probably don’t even reach a tenth of their marketing potential.

In contrast, this letter you are reading now, is not an orphan at all. It has been carefully crafted; honestly, and wholeheartedly. I had great fun writing it. And by having read this far, there is no doubt you can feel it.

This simple, proud website brings me customers who find value in my relationship with them. Your website should do the same for you. And if we work on it together, wholeheartedly, your readers will feel it too.

I hope this letter has ignited an excitement in you. And if you read it all from beginning to now, I think we’re well suited.

Let’s talk.

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