I’m not looking for a client; I’m looking for a friend.

There are enough websites generated from impersonal, transactional relationships. Like online orphans they had little interest from the developer, and almost no involvement from the owner. You can feel it when you read it. Those poor websites probably don’t even reach a tenth of their marketing potential.

In contrast, this letter you are reading now, is not an orphan at all. It has been crafted carefully, honestly, and wholeheartedly. I had great fun writing it. And by having read this far, there is no doubt you can feel it.

This simple, proud website brings me customers who find value in my relationship with them. Your website should do the same for you. And if we work on it together, wholeheartedly, you readers will feel it too.

I hope this letter has ignited an excitement in you. And if you read it all from the beginning to now, I think we’re well suited.


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“Anything worth doing, is worth doing right” …… Hunter S Thompson